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Welcome to our website! Our new Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Clive Jones hopes you will enjoy it, and find it useful.

Like any Services organisation, we are always recruiting, so we make no excuse for the recruiting content of our Lodge video.

If you are already a Freemason and are eligible to Join us, DO IT NOW.

If you are, or have been, a serving member of the armed forces, and would like to become a Freemason, Contact Us HERE.

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About the Lodge

The Shropshire Combined Services Lodge. No. 9988 was Consecrated by the R.W. Bro. Roger Brentnall Pemberton, Provincial Grand Master for Shropshire, on Saturday 18th January, 2020.

The Lodge has been formed to combine some of the Military traditions and Comradeship into the normal Masonic fabric of a Lodge, and to provide a unique and enjoyable. experience for all concerned. It is open to all ranks of the armed Forces, including both Active and Retired Servicemen and Territorials. It will meet 4 times a year, in January, May, August and November. The lodge is to be peripatetic and will hold it’s meetings, by dispensation, throughout the Province , and in surrounding Provinces, from which it draws it’s members.

We will put our wives, partners and family at the forefront of all our meetings, events, and festivities, to ensure that we offer a family based community which draws on the support and encouragement that we, as Freemasons, receive from our families and loved ones during our journey in Freemasonry.

This is a Unique Lodge within the Masonic Province of Shropshire and we look to evolve and progress in how we practice our Ceremonies and social events, so that we fully engage and embrace the Military aspect as the core DNA of the Lodge, whilst not detracting from the Principles and tenets of Freemasonry

As a Military Lodge we encourage those thinking of Joining H.M. Armed Forces, applaud those already serving, honour those who have returned, and mourn all those who made the ultimate sacrifice. Most of all we WILL remember them, for who can truly be dead while they live in some-one’s memory. Click here to see a thought provoking video .

What Makes us Different?

Firstly, ALL of our members have served in the Regular, or Reserve Armed Forces. Although this is not to say that we don’t welcome those visitors and guests who haven’t, but who wish to experience something a little different.

Secondly, we place more emphasis on including our wives, Partners, & Children in our social events and Festive Boards. Thus promoting a family oriented, brotherly relationship between our Members, visitors and guests.

Thirdly, as we mature in age and experience as a lodge, we hope to develop a military flavour to our ceremonies, so that we can continue to feel that good order, and discipline, are still being maintained, but always within the bounds of good Masonic practice.

Fourthly, we are a Saturday, daylight Lodge. The advantages of this should be obvious to those who are working, and the more mature in age amongst us. Firstly, if you are working, it is most likely that you don’t work on Saturday. Secondly, all travelling to and from lodges will be during daylight hours for most meetings. These two things together make access to our meetings much more comfortable. No missed meals, no rushing to get home from work and change before leaving for a meeting, and so on.

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Eligibility Criteria

What you need to become a Freemason:

  • A man, or transgender to become a man.
  • Over the age of 21, unless at certain Universities, when the age is 18.
  • A belief in a Supreme being or Power – of any Faith
  • Be of good character

What You need to become a Mmber of Shropshire Combined Services Lodge

  • A Freemason under UGLE (The United Grand Lodge of England), or a similar, approved body in accordance with it.
  • A serving or retired member of any of the UK Armed Forces, or a Territorial or Reserved Forces, plus proof of at least 2 years Service.
  • To live in, or attend a Lodge in, The County of Shropshire, or any of the surrounding Provinces.